We construct customs tables which cover the entirety of a type of activity on the blockchain and thereby enable you to effortlessly aggregate lots of data with as little friction as possible.

What are abstractions?

Abstractions are custom tables that are maintained by Team Dune and our community. They allow you to gain access to more complex SQL operators like creating your own tables, looping through values or other operations that are more catered towards database administrators. This sometimes is necessary to aggregate the on-chain data or simplify the process of querying for data.
This public github repository hosts the logic to construct the tables and views.

Which abstractions are there?

You can check for existing abstractions in our public github repository. You can generally divide them into 2 distinct categories.

Sector Abstractions

Sector Abstractions are tables like dex.trades, erc20.stablecoins, lending.borrow etc.
These abstractions take in data from multiple contracts and projects, standardize the data across them and therefore make it very easy to query for this data and compare the metrics of different projects with each other.
Most of the sector Dashboards depend on sector abstractions. This introduces an interesting dynamic in which projects can easily get their data into these dashboards by making a pull request to our public github repo. Team Dune and the community are always improving on these sector abstractions, all new additions to existing ones are always welcome.

Project Abstractions

Sometimes it can be useful for projects to assemble their data into one neat table that has all the data they need in one place. To do this, you can construct views or tables in our abstractions.
The main advantage here over just constructing a view is that you are able to deal with bigger amounts of data in our abstractions since we can run them automatically in the background every few hours.

Lookup abstractions

The most noticeable mentions for this abstraction is the erc20.tokens abstraction in which we map tokens to their decimals and symbols. There also is erc20.stablecoins or compound.view_c_tokens.

Contributing to abstractions

Our abstractions are open to all teams and projects in general, but we do reserve the right to reject pull requests.
If you do choose to contribute to abstractions please make sure your addition actually works and produces the intended results. Furthermore please give us a short summary about what you are trying to achieve and what your project does.
If applicable please construct a view in which you show us that your addition produces the intended results.
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