Project Dashboards
Project Dashboards are a great way to track the metrics of your project.
Project Dashboard allow you to easily assemble data on your favorite project in one place. Without having to maintain infrastructure or overhead, you can simply query for the data you desire and assemble it on a Dashboard to make a Datahub for your project Reality.
Let's explore this with an example:
This is the dashboard from Tornado Cash on which someone assembled all the important metrics in one place.
We can see that the creator is showing us a few "on a glance" counters which tell us the most important information in simple numbers.
He follows this up with some interesting historical data points which show the growth in users and volume. The Dashboard continues, but you can clearly already see how much value these stats and charts can produce for your project.
Having all these stats in one place greatly helps to manage your project and help it succeed.
You can find many other great dashboard on our Projects Page.
Last modified 2mo ago
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