Use Cases
Leverage Dune to generate Insights for yourself, your project or your organisation.

Dune is an open platform

Dune is a Data Analytics platform that allows anyone to easily aggregate and visualize Blockchain data.
On Dune you can create a data hub for your research project, article, DAO or any other project in the matter of hours. Instead of having to deal with all kinds of infrastructure problems like setting up a website, finding a way to query Blockchain data and in some cases even just finding the right data to query, we offer all of that to you for free.
We provide the infrastructure for anyone to query, aggregate and visualize Blockchain data, you just have to construct the queries yourself.

What is Dune used for?

Since pretty much everything is possible on Dune, there really isn't any limitations as to what you can query in regards to on-chain data. There still is some distinct Use Cases we can establish:

What type of content do people appreciate?

To get more insights into how people use Dune, you can follow our Twitter account where we retweet the most interesting things that happen on Dune. Just click through the last few tweets and see what people are up to on Dune currently!
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